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Step-by-Step Guide to Make Her Reach Orgasm (NSFW)

This is a how-to guide to giving women orgasms. While any woman can generally be brought to orgasm, this guide has been written for men that want to improve an existing relationship they already have with a woman. The goal of this guide is to help men enhance the sexual side of their relationship with the woman (or women) in their lives.

Female Orgasm Enhancement, Which One Really Works?

Women libido enhancers or female orgasm enhancement can be a range of things, but the most popular enhancer delivered by companies worldwide is sex toys. The sexual industry is primarily centered around females and meeting their sexual needs. For men, it is all about increasing the size of their penis and pleasuring a woman in […]

Sex Positions for Female Orgasm

Sex positions can help women to achieve orgasm. For women, the thing with the orgasm not always so easy. According to a study revealed by the Durex, more than 80 percent of men achieve orgasm regularly, but for women it is as little as 33 percent. Luckily, there are ways and means to do something about […]