Oral Sex Positions for Your Sensual Enjoyment

Oral sex is a rush as it is—there’s something purely exhilarating about sharing intimacy on this level. With the best oral sex positions, the sensual rush is intensified, and if you opt for a position like the 69 sex position, you’re both in one of the best oral sex positions to share simultaneous oral pleasure […]

The Injaculation, Orgasms without Ejaculation

The injaculation also known as orgasms without ejaculation, is a technique that is based on ejaculate internally rather than externally or through the penis. The cut injaculation not orgasm but stop the flow of semen preventing this outward flow during orgasm. Injaculation technique has been used for thousands of years by those who practice Tantra and Taoism. It […]

Foods for Male Sexual Health

Foods play an enormous role in our sexual health. So the next time you think about having a steak and potato dinner, consider your sexual expectations for afterwards. These sex foods or aphrodisiacs improve your sex life. Feast on these sex foods to feel friskier. Certain foods increase the desire to have sex, while others may […]

weight loss and sex

Weight Loss Means Better Sex?

Does weight loss really mean better sex? What most people still cannot understand is that, gaining weight reduces the activity levels of your heart and the entire circulatory system. This includes the heart, a very important organ of the body responsible for the pumping of blood. When there are defects in your circulatory system, chances […]

Easy Way to Stimulate Your Partner

Some easy ideas to stimulate your partner and get your desire response from her! As we know, sex is a game and this game played by mainly two players – you and your partner. In any game, it is very necessary to make the game enjoyable and get real taste both opponent are equal and both have same […]

Top Fetishes Guide

You may be asking, “What are fetishes?” Or, “What are the most popular fetishes?” You don’t want to go into a fling and have someone bring up a term you don’t know! While it’s always fun to try something new, it’s not fun to look unexperienced or stupid! You also want to make sure that […]