Enhance Your Organ With Male Enhancement Exercises

penis exercise for enlargement

Male enhancement exercises of Penis Enhancement as they are also known as are a natural way for men to enhance their organ. They are also the safest method because there are no side effects to this.

It has been proven that male enhancement exercises do work. A routine has to be followed with these exercises and results are visible in some time. It needs patience, as the process is time consuming. Male enhancement exercises are also known to have long-term effect on the penis giving it length and girth.

Penis exercises rely on the principle of the growth of cells within an area when they are subjected to motion. The cells multiply and divide leading to increase in the mass of the tissue. This becomes visible in the increased length of the penis. Also as these exercises increase the flow of blood into the penis, it causes erection and delayed ejaculation wherein both the partners are extremely satisfied.

They are known to show better and more effective results when done with a combination of natural male enhancement pills. These exercises have to be performed consistently for at least 15-20 minutes a day. The penis work out requires rest once a week.

The first kind of exercise is called the Kegel exercise. This is done by using the PC muscle-by squeezing it and then releasing it. The PC muscle lies between the scrotum and the anus. It can be done anywhere without anyone being aware when the exercise is being done.

The second exercise is called Jelquing. This exercise is an ancient one. It also requires a little lubrication. Warm up the palms and massage the penis till it is semi erect. With the left hand, palm facing the body, make a sign of ok by holding the base of the penis. Holding tightly, move the fingers towards the head. The purpose is to increase the flow of blood. Do this by alternating with both hands.

The third in the series of male enhancement exercises is the length extender. Standing up or sitting at the edge of a chair, hold the head of the penis tightly and place the second hand over it. Now pull the head slightly to feel the extension. But it should not be uncomfortable. Use a lubricant and the penis should be flaccid while doing this exercise. Next hold it again and rotate the penis making a circular motion clockwise and then anti clockwise. Do them gently so as not to hurt yourself.

These exercises are basic and can be done at home.

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