Delay Spray: Super Dragon 6000

delay-sprayMany men wish that they could last longer during sexual intercourse, not just those that suffer from premature ejaculation. Ejaculating early can not only be embarrassing but can also have a big impact on one’s self-confidence. Delay spray is your fast answer if you want last longer in bed. It’s easy to use yet very effective.

It’s also very common for couples to want their sexual activity to last for longer, therefore ejaculating early can put an end to what would have been a romantic evening and a chance to get closer together.

Super Dragon 6000 Spray is exactly what you need if you’re wanted to last longer in bed. The delay spray is designed for men and is very effective yet easy to use. 5 minutes prior to having sexual activity, simply apply 2 delay sprays to the head of the penis. You may need to apply it earlier or add another spray if you do not feel the effects.

The bottle is 12ml and will have roughly 100 sprays in it.

Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray Benefits

  • Boost Sexual Confidence
  • Last Longer in bed
  • Amaze your lover

Customer Reviews

A few sample reviews from customers that have used Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray can be found below;

“Kept me going all night, it’s great!”

“The product works, at first my partner said it stung but afterwards I can say that we both really enjoyed it!”

“I have tried a lot of different sprays, this however is the best one I have used. Simply used 3 sprays and waited 10 minutes and was ready to go!”

The above testimonials may have been edited for clarity reasons, results may vary on the individual.

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