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Remote Controlled Vibrator Reviews

Did super hot Samantha from “Sex in the City” inspire you to bring a vibrator into your bedroom? Then you’ve already experienced the orgasmic results of adding a vibrator to your sex life and a wireless remote controlled vibrator is the next step in building your sex toy chest. 

DIY Homemade Sex Toys

Have you ever dabbled with the idea of using homemade sex toys? Whether you already have your very own collection of traditional sex toys or not, sometimes it can be fun to think outside of the box per say, and get a little adventurous with your very own DIY sex toys. 

Best Clitoral Vibrators (Editor’s Choice)

For all of the multi-function vibrators designed to pleasure every erogenous zone known to humanity, a good clitoral vibrator is a bedroom necessity. We’ll go beyond the good ones to bring you the best clitoral vibrators produced today, from the pinnacle of rabbit vibrator perfection to the most effective mini-vibes on the shelves. 

How to use a Vibrator: Jack Rabbit

The jack rabbit vibrator is the hottest sensual toy ever to hit our shores from the island of Japan. It is one of the best vibrators for women. Not surprising. Using the rabbit vibrator opens up the doors to new vistas of erotic experience. Somehow, many women ask “how to use vibrator? Specially Jack Rabbit […]

Vibrators for Women, What Type Should You Buy

Vibrators for Women; What Type Should You Buy?

Most people associate the term “vibrators for women” with the classic slimline type. But there are many other shapes, sizes, textures and colors than the standard slimline vibe. Traditional women’s vibrators include the classic slimline type. These are designed for external clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration. This is the design that most people […]

Having a Vibrator and Involving Your Partner

If you are currently in a relationship and thinking about buying a sex toy, its worth thinking about how your partner will feel about it. Some partners might feel that they are unable to satisfy you, which is why you have brought one. If you’re thinking of buying some form of sex toy, why not […]