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How to Have Oral Sex in a Car?

Oral sex is great. Cars are great. They’re two great tastes that taste great together, whether you’re inclined to spit or swallow. We’ve got positions for oral sex in a car to get it on in the front seat, back seat, and with the top down, so you can enjoy everything that both your car […]

weight loss and sex

Weight Loss Means Better Sex?

Does weight loss really mean better sex? What most people still cannot understand is that, gaining weight reduces the activity levels of your heart and the entire circulatory system. This includes the heart, a very important organ of the body responsible for the pumping of blood. When there are defects in your circulatory system, chances […]

Easy Way to Stimulate Your Partner

Some easy ideas to stimulate your partner and get your desire response from her! As we know, sex is a game and this game played by mainly two players – you and your partner. In any game, it is very necessary to make the game enjoyable and get real taste both opponent are equal and both have same […]

Top Fetishes Guide

You may be asking, “What are fetishes?” Or, “What are the most popular fetishes?” You don’t want to go into a fling and have someone bring up a term you don’t know! While it’s always fun to try something new, it’s not fun to look unexperienced or stupid! You also want to make sure that […]

Female Masturbation is Important

It is not clear why topics about female masturbation is rarely discussed compared with other topics on sexuality and yet the industry which promote female sex toy boom with tens of million dollar yearly turn out. While some societies world wide frown on the simple mention of women and sex, others see female sexual enhancement […]

Girl on Top

Girl on Top Sex Positions

Girl on top sex positions allow you to have the very best control to hit that magic lady spot! Try our very best women on top sex positions. Women on top sex positions usually always start with the cowgirl family, and they definitely make for some truly amazing sex positions for women. But once you […]