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Pleasure Gel

Pleasure Gel For Women: Simple Intro

The sex drives of men and women are distinctly different, which makes the pursuit of sex something that requires finesse. Getting both genders on the same page of arousal can be a daunting task especially if either is suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction. All is not lost though when it comes to female […]

Female Orgasm Enhancement

Female Orgasm Enhancement, Which One Really Works?

Women libido enhancers or female orgasm enhancement can be a range of things, but the most popular enhancer delivered by companies worldwide is sex toys. The sexual industry is primarily centered around females and meeting their sexual needs. For men, it is all about increasing the size of their penis and pleasuring a woman in […]

Low Sex Drive in Women

Low Sex Drive in Women, How to Revive?

Low sex drive in women is common, especially mums. Many of women come to believe that the occasions on which women ‘feel horny’ are reduced and further between as women get older. Women’s sex drive gets put back firmly in its box by tiredness, body hang-ups or the comfy familiarity of our relationships. But where has women’s […]

Sex Position for Female Orgasm

Sex Positions for Female Orgasm

Sex positions can help women to achieve orgasm. For women, the thing with the orgasm not always so easy. According to a study revealed by the Durex, more than 80 percent of men achieve orgasm regularly, but for women it is as little as 33 percent. Luckily, there are ways and means to do something about […]